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The Merger Bargain

From rivals to romance, against all odds


Managing the family business and bringing our offerings into the future should be easy, but the board is mired in ‘this is how we’ve always done it’. Then a codicil to Grammy’s will is discovered, declaring I must be married by the age of thirty-two or lose my place in the company. That’s only two months from now.

My laid-back, older brother, who’s been given until he’s thirty-six, finds the whole situation hilarious.

How am I going to find a man I can tolerate in two, short months?


Within a year I’ll be a billionaire—more successful than I’d believed possible when I started my online business right out of college. I have everything I need. All the trappings of success. Along with everything I want…except my best friend’s little sister.

She turned a cold shoulder to me years ago when we first met and hasn’t warmed up a bit since then. She’s in trouble now, both personal and business. I know just how to help.

Against all the odds, can we forge a strong partnership and turn our rivalry into romance?

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