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 Makin' Music

Will her music soften his grumpy heart?


Perfectly happy with her new job and life in a small, sandhills town, Jessi Swanson has no intention of falling for any of the eligible ranchers her married friends insist on introducing. Men her own age aren’t exciting, she prefers someone a little older, more intriguing and experienced. She meets the single father of a talented student and he’s all she’s dreamed of… and more.

Single father Cam Varga allows no distractions to interfere with raising his daughter. He’s done the relationship thing. They never work out. Then he meets the new band teacher and his orderly world skews out of control. Age difference aside, he has no business lusting after his daughter’s mentor. But he can’t ignore the music swirling through him when he sees Jessi.

Past pain and betrayal have held him hostage. Can Jessi finally break the bonds and allow his heart to heal?

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