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My cousin's getting married. She and my twin sister are close but I've never been good enough for them. Yet somehow I've ended up one of her bridesmaids. In Vegas. The wedding is on Valentine's day (how corny is that?) but we're all here a week early for 'bonding' time. I'm pretty sure it's just a way for our cousin to ride to fame on my sister's influencer popularity.

Everyone bets in Vegas, don't they? My bet? I'm going to be miserable and alone at yet another wedding.

I've had odd assignment but this one takes the cake. A wedding cake. I'm hired to accompany a bridesmaid during a week long, pre-wedding list of activities--while pretending to be a bodyguard. No clue why she needs protection, unless it's from her social media, hot-shot sister and the crazy bridezilla. Doesn't matter. I can't afford to turn down this lucrative job. The success of my dream is too close.

Then at the first pre-wedding event I see her. The pastel rainbow of her hair and her full curves awaken deeply buried desires. The lights on the strip fade and all I want is her.

A woman to call mine isn't in the cards. But it's Vegas. So I make a bet with myself. But all I want is her

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From Valentine's to Vegas Series

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