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Makin' Merry

Turquoise Creek Ranch 3

Maybe Christmas won’t be so bad after all.


Sky Wheeler doesn’t have a family of his own, so he has no problem playing Santa for the Turquoise Creek Ranch kids. Until a sudden snowstorm and broken down pickup leave him stranded in the middle of ranch country with no cell connection and a pair of starving foundling puppies. The house he passed a half mile back might be his only refuge from the cold.

Alone and struggling to keep her family’s ranch after her divorce, Kasey Powers knows she can’t provide the kind of Christmas she’d hoped for her two kids. There’s only a handful of gifts under the tree and very little to fill the stockings hung on the mantle. She’s gotten used to making do, and she’ll stay up all night creating homemade gifts if that’s what it takes to put smiles on her kids’ faces.

Then a very cold, snow covered Santa--with puppies--knocks on her door.

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