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Toccata and Fugue:
Forget-Me-Not Series

The deepest connections are often forged in darkness.


Although thankful a heart attack ended his beloved father’s slide into Alzheimer’s, his death leaves gifted cellist Jeffrey Nikkolas’ life an empty void. Even the music he loves offers little solace. Yet, in the depths of his sorrow, he discovers an unexpected connection. A beautiful woman who also knew his father.


Costume designer Sapphire Turner loses time in the present as fugue states release a barrage of unwanted memories. When fate orchestrates a series of serendipitous encounters with an intriguing man, she hopes the exciting musician won’t notice her lapses. So she buries the pain behind a whirlwind of creativity.


Bound together by the memories of his father they form a deep connection. Will the darkness of their shared sorrow hold the key to healing their wounded hearts?

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Memories have the power to bring a smile to our face, tears to our eyes, and many other emotions that you can’t always put a name to. What happens when you lose them? If you can no longer remember things that helped shape you? When you’ve forgotten necessary details? The authors in this series have accepted the challenge to find out. There are numerous reasons the mind can be impacted. These are just a few of them.

The mind may forget, but the heart always knows.

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