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Makin' Amends

Turquoise Creek Ranch 2

How can he make amends when he doesn’t know what he did wrong?


Waking one morning with no clue where he is, or who he’s been with, Brody Morris realizes his life is a total mess. He’s been riding a downward spiral since his discharge from the service and now he’s hit rock bottom. Only one hope remains—the support of a friend. Brody arrives at Turquoise Creek Ranch a broken but determined man.


Working with horses is Meghan Hill’s dream job and she won’t do anything to jeopardize her position at Turquoise Creek Ranch. When the new hire doesn’t remember her, or their spectacular night together after the boss’s wedding, she unsuccessfully tries to keep her distance.

Until the day he discovers her vomiting behind a hay bale and everything changes.

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