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Makin' History

Part of the Heart of a Wounded Hero series
Turquoise Creek Ranch 1

Will they make their own history… together?

Micah Taylor fought hard for his country and came home with the scars to prove it. He loved faithfully, but his wife defected to a more interesting man, leaving even deeper wounds. Unresolved guilt colors his thoughts and not even capturing the world with his camera calms his restlessness.

After dumping a man who expected her to pay his bills, Dilyn Cordova set out alone on what was supposed to be an inspirational, history-filled adventure. As the end of her vacation nears, she’s become disenchanted with her lonely travels.

A chance meeting with a sexy biker turns into a night of passion hotter than the summer sun. Even though there’s danger in falling for a man with a carefree spirit, she agrees to spend the next weekend with Micah. She’ll keep her heart safe from repeating her past mistakes.  

Micah doesn’t understand the sadness in Dilyn’s eyes when he mentions the future. He’s always fought hard for what he wants, and he wants her. Now and forever.


Will pride, insecurities, and suspicions keep them from creating their own history--together?

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